How much do you know about societal challenges? Play with GUESSH and discover it!

The social game GueSSH! has been designed and developed to increase awareness on EU Citizens perception about SSH relevant challenges, aims at dispelling myths and demonstrate through a game-based approach that we tend to overestimate or underestimate the SSH challenges.

The game proposes an innovative way to convey contents (based on research projects and official EC reports) addressing societal challenges like migration, integration, democracy, participation to policy, populism, radicalization and unemployment, to the large public and to the young generations (from teen-agers up) and, in the meantime, to shorten the gap among (often wrong) perception and reality.

The game is designed with a series of questions composed by text, images or graphics, with a set of predefined answers to choose from. Then the game displays the correct answers with a summary of the research or project the data are extracted, providing the access to the sources.

At the end of the game, a summary of the user’s responses and related correct answers is provided, with the links to sources and detailed information (funded projects, publications, policy briefs from where the questions and related answers have been build up from.

GUESSH can be used also, by a facilitator/moderator, during workshops as a stimulus and icebreaking tool to start a discussion about SSH related challenges.

The game has been used for this purpose during the event WIRE2017, that took place in Košice, Slovakia on the 28th of June 2017 organized by the European Commission and during the conference “helping to promote positive behaviors in the classroom”, in Chatham, Kent, UK on 21 September 2017, organized by the THRIVE project. The participants have positively reacted to the game and have been engaged in the discussion during the debriefing phase.

The game can be played in all devices (desktop computers, tablets, smartphones, smart TV) with an HTML5 compatible browser and an internet connection.

Game address:!/index.html