Equipping providers with employability skills and personal development tools embedded in the world of design and up-cycling






upDESIGN is targeted at adult education and vocational education & training providers dealing with disadvantaged, lowlevel educated young adult learners who do not dispose of qualification and skills sufficient to (re)enter the labour market.

The project will equip education providers and their staff with innovative methods and tools for basic/employability skills delivery, entrepreneurial spirit and motivation training embedded in the thematic world of design and based on the idea of “upcycling” initiating processes where waste materials or “useless” products are converted into new materials or products of better quality. On a transversal level, the pedagogic outputs of upDESIGN will also introduce elements of eco-friendliness and environmental sustainability and, by this, raise respective awareness and initiate behavioural changes among their users (e.g. appreciation of material values, waste management etc.).






FVA is the Italian partner of the upDESIGN project

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Funded by the Erasmus+  Programme of the European Union (Contract number: 2014-1-UK01-KA204-000085)