Ladies first!

Empowering coaches and trainers to support women towards work life balance


Ladies first! Project aims to empower teachers, trainers and counselors to facilitate and empower women beneficiaries in order to gain the necessary stability in-between working and personal life, especially in the framework of crisis.


Ladies first! aims to give an innovative European dimension on women’s work life balance in VET and Counseling by providing  consultants and trainers tools to boost women’s confidence and self – planning, from the coaching and non-formal learning perspectives.




Innovative methodologies which follows adult education principles like the experiential learning (learning that takes place through our own experience) and peer learning (which help beneficiaries and learners to play an active role in the coaching-teaching-learning process) will be adapted and applied to the specific needs of the target groups of users and beneficiaries, in order to build gender oriented self-confidence and stability sense in their sessions.


Project partners:


FVA is the Italian partner of the Ladies first! Project





Funded by the Erasmus+  Programme of the European Union (Contract number: 2017-1-EL01-KA202-036219)


For more information about the project please visit the Ladies First! website: