Intercultural competences of healthcare professionals


The aim of the project is to increase the intercultural competences of healthcare professionals in Europe, through non-formal training. This project has been funded with support from the European Union.

InterHealth is expected to have a multiple impact in time, place and persons.




The participating organizations will benefit in various ways as their employees will be trained on t he activities of the Curriculum and their beneficiaries will be offered specialized services. The organizations comprising the present partnership were selected on the basis of their being active in the field of migration and/or healthcare. We also have involved different types of organizations, a University Department, non-profit organizations and VET organizations, aiming at increasing project’s impact on different fields. Moreover, they are organizations that have proven in the past their openness to new ideas and methods together with their willingness to develop and use innovative materials and methods in order to be able to offer high quality services to their target groups. It is evident from what is mentioned so far that the aims and objectives of the present project are closely related to the interests and needs of the partner organizations. As a result, all partner organizations will adopt the outputs of the present project, incorporating them in their everyday practice. In this way, healthcare organizations offering services to migrants and minorities and organizations who educate or employ healthcare professionals will improve their capacity by obtaining high quality tools and training material as well as the necessary know-how to use them effectively. The expected impact, therefore, on the partner organizations is that the skills and competencies of their staff will be upgraded while they will have at their disposal new and innovative materials and tools thus being in a position to offer their service users high quality services.



The main target group will be healthcare practitioners and organizations locally/regionally/nationally, identified and engaged by our partners. The impact for this group will be the development of their knowledge in terms of the use of intercultural competences as a method for effective delivery of healthcare. The practitioners will be positively affected by the project through adopting the InterHealth products within their organization, as a new offer for their beneficiaries. Healthcare practitioners, managers and policy makers will be targeted both domestically and within the EU. The additional Impact for this group will be the ability to promote InterHealth products within their area of expertise. We will also target practitioners within other sectors and specifically those working with socially excluded immigrants and ethnic minorities. The additional Impact for this group will be that they will learn about how to adapt the products for use in other sectors and for other beneficiary groups.




Multiplying effect: dissemination of the InterHealth products among scientific, professional and policy making circles. Stakeholders will be informed about the project and its products. – Awareness raising: InterHealth can be seen as an intensive campaign to combat stereotypes and stigmatization related to migrants, one of the main obstacles for their social and labor integration. We will organize events, send emails, include information in the partners’ websites and also in the project website, deliver flyers, show promotional posters in partners’ facilities, etc. The target group and the general society will be sensitized concerning migrants and refugees.




FVA is the Italian partner of the InterHealth project


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Funded by the Erasmus+  Programme of the European Union (Projectnumber: 2016-1-EL01-KA202-023538)