Mobilization of a plurality of voices and mutual learning to accelerate the Bio-based sector


Objectives & Approach of BIOVoices Project


BIOVoices overall aim is ensure the engagement of all relevant stakeholder groups and tackle BIO-based related challenges by establishing a multi-stakeholder platform, involving a plurality of actors (voices) with different perspectives, knowledge and experiences, and animating open dialogue and Mutual Learning between the different stakeholders.

BIOVoices is expected to increase the quality, the relevance, the social acceptability and the sustainability of research and innovation outcomes in various domains supporting pro-active discussion and co-creation among relevant stakeholders and promoting the direct engagement of citizens and society at large in a co-creation research and innovation process.


The Project Objectives


  1. Promote Multi-actor dialogue and Multi-stakeholder co-creation of research, innovation, development and political context in Bio-based economy.


  1. Design and promote a MML (Mobilisation and Mutual Learning) platform, engaging different stakeholders at European, National and Local levels, including a plurality of perspectives, experiences, interests, aspirations and knowledge.


  1. Increase the quality, relevance, social acceptability and sustainability of research and innovation outcomes in the Bio-based domain, thus minimizing the technology mismatches.


  1. Through the BIOVoices multi-stakeholders platform, design and implement an action plan fostering the awareness of the wider public about the benefits and potential social, economic and environmental impact of the Bioeconomy and widening the diffusion of BBP (Bio-based products).




Expected impacts


BIOVoices will adopt an innovative strategy to achieve impact on the different stakeholders that could directly or indirectly benefit from the project outcomes. BIOVoices entails well-tailored and multifaceted strategy for maximising the impact of the project, both during as well as after the duration of the grant. In fact, the overarching strategy of the project in this respect is based on the following strategic pillars:

  • Solid strategies for (i) Impact, Communication and Dissemination and (ii) Exploitation and Sustainability, designed and implemented from the very early stages of the project.


  • Project activities specifically seeking to maximize:

Impact (such as stakeholders’ co-creation workshops, integration of the impact strategy in all WPs, etc.)

Sustainability (engaging the stakeholders that will be the users of the platform in the future and find applications that will attract them also after the end of the grant, etc.).

  • Early and active engagement of stakeholders in the co-design of the requirements, solutions and processes. This will ensure that all the perspectives are taken into consideration and the outcomes are tailored to the stakeholders’ needs, useful and effective, personalized, acceptable, non-obtrusive, cost-effective, sustainable and exploitable. The co-creation will be open to all the stakeholders identified by the quadruple helix model.
  • Transform the results in useful material/app to be used by the stakeholders. Stakeholders are “hungry” for results that can be implemented in real life. But often, information on the value and meaning of bio-based products are not available in a format tailored to the users’ needs, or are presented in an incomprehensible way (e.g. too technical or scientific language), hampering the valorisation of research results. BIOVoices will analyse and focus on the stakeholders’ specific needs and deliver the research results in a way that is exploitable by the stakeholders in their work and practice. Special attention will be given to the development of applicable Policy Recommendations.





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This project has received funding by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 774331

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