The Mediapass project has designed and implemented a new generation of high quality interactive multimedia systems to attract customers and to increase sales in commercial activities, retail shops and large stores. These systems will allow an evolution from kiosks to DMSS (Distributed Multimedia Shop Systems) and will encompass all the necessary aspects for creating effective presentations and marketing functionalities. They will have the high audiovisual quality of TV commercials (mainly based on moving images), the authoring friendliness required by communication professionals not accustomed to IT tools and the networking capability required by broad commercial organisations.

Application-tailored hardware includes:

  • PCs as shop workstations used both by customers and shop owners.
  • Acorn TV set-top-boxes for developing ‘interactive windows’, allowing interactions with customers outside the shop with capacitive keyboards and other special units.

The same multimedia authoring environment will support the application implementation on these two hardware platforms. The project will identify and integrate the software components for an authoring framework allowing a fast prototyping and a final implementation of customized DMSSs. A broad range of multimedia technologies will allow to obtain high quality image-sound-video presentations and effective interactions with the targeted users.
The authoring system will support the production of CD-ROM, video clips and customised computer programs; facilities will be available for developing multi-language applications.




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FVA is the Italian partner of the Mediapass Project