Health Coaching for Professionals in Adult Education


The project BALANCE wants to support professionals regarding their work-life-balance through developing further the concept of Salutogenesis for adult education.

As a counterterm to “pathogenesis” (view on the genesis of diseases), salutogenesis as a holistic and preventive approach focuses on the research of processes maintaining and enhancing health. It does not focus so much on risk factors, but more on protective factors, resources and potentials which keep humans physically and mentally healthy.
To serve this aim the project will start with a common research about the various job situations and specific challenges adult education professionals are faced with and thus guarantee a target-oriented project development and implementation.
The findings of the studies as well as the concept of Salutogenesis will be the basis for the development of a training course for adult education personnel. The consortium will design a health oriented training course and distribute it among:

  • trainers, teachers, and coaches in adult education to enhance their health related knowledge, skills and competences; sensitise them for maintaining their health by making use of their resources; strengthen their employability and improve their health status;
  • train-the-trainer institutions, adult education associations, health organisations,… to train and coach further staff working in adult education or vocational training and broaden their portfolio by the new course offer;
  • adult education organisations or training companies to raise their awareness regarding the health status and well-being of their employees and its influence on the success of the company as well as providing them with tools for implementing an “internal health policy”.



FVA is the Italian partner of the Balance project


  Funded by the Lifelong Learning Programme of the European Union  (527850-LLP-1-2012-1-DE-GRUNDTVIG-GMP)