Law Enforcement Intelligence Learning Application


LEILA project’s objective is to develop gaming solutions and engaging learning experiences addressing the needs of the civil security intelligence analysis community.


LEILA project will provide law enforcement organizations with an innovative learning methodology and a set of serious games, to improve their cognitive capabilities, reasoning skills and creative approach to decision making, at individual and group level.


Specifically, the LEILA learning framework will address the enhancement on knowledge and skills identified as crucial for IA, such as:

  • awareness of cognitive biases;
  • practice of critical thinking;
  • filtering and analyzing massive amount of data;
  • capability to draw relevant conclusions and take appropriate decisions;
  • decision making under social and time pressure;
  • creative intelligence;
  • collaboration capabilities and team-based decision making;
  • reporting and communication skills.



FVA is the Italian partner of the LEILA project

For more details visit the LEILA project web site