THRIVE CONFERENCE @ Chatam, Kent – 21 September 2017

Great success for the THRIVE CONFERENCE held in Chatham, Kent: More than 70 professionals attended the fully-funded event for all Early Years and Primary education stakeholder.

The conference, hosted by Diagrama Foundation (a UK charity), for nursery, teaching and support workers to launch a new fully-funded learning platform to aid professional development of individuals working with nursery and primary school pupils up to the age of 7, to promote positive behaviors in the classroom and improve future attendance and achievement.

The final conference aimed to increase the impact on participants, through knowledge transfer and networking. The main objectives were present the final products of the project: the THRIVE e-platform, the Supervision Guidelines and the THRIVE mobile application, all with the goal of reinforce the professional development of teachers.

Two very important figures in the field of education and behavior were hosted:  Ali McClure, author of “Making it Better for Boys” and the Prof. David Shemmings, Director of the Attachment and Relationship-based Practice Programme,

The  THRIVE partners presented the online course which has the purpose of provide knowledge and techniques regarding early childhood education and learning through play, aiming to promote student motivation for learning.

FVA presented “GueSSH!” a Serious Game developed in the context of the DANDELION project.

The game proposes an innovative way to convey contents like Migration, Integration, Democracy, Participation to policy, Populism and radicalization, Unemployment  to the large public and to the young generations (form teen-agers up) and, in the meantime, to shorten the gap among (wrong) perception and reality.