Increase public awareness of bio-based products and applications supporting the growth of the European bioeconomy


 Objectives & Approach of BIOWAYS Project

Despite significant economic investment and dedicated research in the bio-based domain, public awareness of the potential benefits of bio-based products and applications is still relatively low.
The need to raise awareness of this potential and promote the benefits of these products and applications is clear. We also need to provide the means for anyone with an interest in this domain to be able to follow ongoing developments in the industry and from research.




The Project Objectives


To understand the characteristics and potential of bio-based products and applications

  • Select appropriate bio-based products and applications at regional, national and European level, based on the five value chains defined by the Strategic Innovation and Research Agenda (SIRA).
  • Plant biomass potential.
  • Forestry biomass potential
  • Improved Agro-based Production.
  • Waste valorisation.
  • Bio-energy production and refinement.
  • Valorise the excellence and market potential of the selected bio-based products.
  • Communicate their role in boosting economic and social growth and welfare, transmitting the impacts and benefits to society.
  • Assess public perception of the use of these products and applications.
  • Identify obstacles that prevent the wider adoption/diffusion of bio-based products among the larger public.



To enhance the visibility of bio-based products and applications

  • Develop and support a permanent mechanism for the non-scientific communication of bio-based knowledge addressed to citizens, in order to enhance their awareness of and confidence in bio-based products and industries
  • Create a publicly accessible digital platform which will act as a communication tool and e-library of information about bio-based products, providing valuable insight into their benefits and their potential. This platform will also facilitate interaction between all those involved or with an interest in bio-based industries, including other programmes and initiatives.
  • Support awareness building of bio-based products and applications as well as their diffusion and adoption through innovative and creative communication activities and campaigns.



To encourage discussion about the potential of the bio-based economy for society and contribute to awareness of it and its promotion

  • Create a community of multidisciplinary stakeholders engaged in the discussion and promotion of bio-based economy.
  • Provide scenarios for interaction, discussion and networking.
  • Set up a collaboration framework with similar initiatives at regional and European level (supporting the development and uptake of bio-based products and the growth of the bio-based economy at large).



To increase awareness and knowledge of how bio-based products are used and the overall interest of young students in the bio-based economy at large

  • Develop a training curriculum, relevant materials and tools that will support the raising of awareness of bio-based products amongst young students.
  • Promote the use of these training materials in educational systems at all levels.
  • Organise pilot training seminars for teachers designed to help them implement these training materials.


Objectives & Approach of BIOWAYS Project


FVA is the Italian partner of the BIOWAYS project





Funded by the Horizon 2020 Framework Programme of the European Union (Grant Agreement nº 720762)