BioVoices, a new challenge for FVA – New Media Research in the field of Bioeconomy



BIOVOICES,  Mobilization of a plurality of voices and mutual learning to accelerate the Bio-based sector, is a new European Project Funded by the Horizon 2020 Framework Programme of the European Union (Grant Agreement nº 774331 ).

The BIOVOICES Project KICK OFF MEETING took place in Rome on 30 and 31 January 2018 at the APRE venue.



The project builds on the concept of Mobilisation & Mutual Learning Platforms (MML) with the ultimate objective of delivering an Action Plan addressing the challenges of raising awareness of and engaging with the citizens on the bio-based products.

BIOVoices will engage all relevant stakeholder groups “voices” (policy makers, researchers, the business community and the civil society) in order to address societal, environmental and economic challenges related to bio-based products and applications.




Specifically, the BIOVoices’ strategic objectives are:

– Promote Multi-actor dialogue and Multi-stakeholder co-creation of research, innovation, development and
political context in Bio-based economy.

– Design and promote a MML (Mobilisation and Mutual Learning) platform, engaging different
stakeholders at European, National and Local levels, including a plurality of perspectives, experiences, interests,
aspirations and knowledge.

– Increase the quality, relevance, social acceptability and sustainability of research and innovation outcomes
in the Bio-based domain, thus minimizing the technology mismatches.

– Through the BIOVoices multi-stakeholders platform, design and implement an action plan fostering the
awareness of the wider public about the benefits and potential social, economic and environmental impact of the
Bioeconomy and widening the diffusion of BBP (Bio-based products).





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