Successful Results for the Bioeconomy Village @Unitelma Sapienza in Rome

May 24th 2018We had the pleasure to present, in the context of the Festival of Sustainable Development 2018, the main Italian contribution to the EUROPEAN SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT WEEK, a mini version of the BIOECONOMY VILLAGE  with the support of the European projects BIOVOICES, BIOWAYSSTAR-ProBio and ExCornSEED, funded by the European Commission, at Università degli Studi di Roma Unitelma Sapienza

What is bioeconomy? What are bio-based products? Is it possible to make more sustainable choices for the environment and for our health? were the key questions of the day

The students engaged with us and got to know the applications of bioeconomy and some bio-based products!


The BIOECONOMY VILLAGE aimed to raise awareness among the public (especially students), improve knowledge about bio-based products and promote the applications and the benefits of bioeconomy, circular economy and sustainability, fostering dialogue, discussion and sharing between the general public, researchers and companies. Through research and products samples and practical demonstrations, were showcased to the visitors, in a simple and engaging way, how bioeconomy is increasingly part of our daily lives and how consumers’ choices can have a positive impact on the environment, society and the economy.



CNR, APRE, UNITELMA Sapienza , La Sapienza,  FVA New Media Research, Ecozema, Minimo Impatto, BY-entO were present , together with the European projects BIOVoices, BIOWAYS, STAR-ProBio, EXCornsEED, Leguval e Biobottle.