The Bioeconomy Village at Maker Faire Rome 2021

In the context of the Maker Faire Rome 2021, the BIOVOICES and Transition2Bio projects will participate with the BIOECONOMY VILLAGE and many others activities, in phygital mode! From 8th to 10th October, we will be back in attendance in Rome but we’re also keeping the digital format on our channels, to reach the public everywhere!

The BIOECONOMY Village, promoted by the BIOVOICES and Transition2Bio projects, funded by the European Commission and the EuBioNet, is an event format already successfully tested in the context of the Maker Faire Rome 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020 fair.

The 2021 edition will be based on the successful BIOECONOMY Village format, aimed at raising public awareness, improving knowledge on products of renewable origin and promoting the applications and benefits of the circular bioeconomy and sustainability, encouraging dialogue , discussion and sharing between the general public and representatives of universities, research centers, projects, companies, associations and start-ups.

Through the display of products, examples, thematic workshops and practical demonstrations, visitors are shown, in a clear and engaging way, how the bioeconomy is increasingly part of our daily life and how consumers’ conscious choices can have a positive impact on the environment, society and the economy.

The novelty of this year is a house-shaped recyclable cardboard display that represents the various domestic environments, in which visitors can interact with the circular bioeconomy and bio-based products.

Another novelty is dedicated to kids who will be involved through an interactive book to discover by playing what the circular bioeconomy is.

The objective of the BIOECONOMY Village is also to strengthen the dialogue between those who make sustainable development and the circular bioeconomy a concrete commitment, consolidating existing collaborations and involving new players in the implementation of the initiative.