InterHealth, OIS and ISS Mutual Learning Workshop “Training practices for health care professionals dealing with migrants”

On the  13 December 2017 at ISS -Istituto Superiore di Sanitá premises took place the mutual learning workshop “Training practices for health care professionals dealing with migrants”, organized by FVA, InterHealth project and OIS – Osservatorio Internazionale per la Salute Onlus.

The participants discussed the intercultural challenges for healthcare professional in a rapidly changing world facing massive migration phenomenon.

The aim of the workshop was to compare the different practices for Health professionals dealing with migrants, discuss the topics of the training courses and coordinate the organization of the mutual Learning workshop to maximize opportunities “The migration  societal challenge”  that will take place in Rome, Tuesday 13 March 2018  at Sala Spazio Europa.

Stefano Vella, Director of the Center for Global Health, Istituto Superiore di Sanità, opened the workshop with a panoramic of the health effect in countries dealing with migrants and refugees.

Francesco Aureli president of OIS presented the OIS activities with a special focus on the “Sanità di Frontiera” project.


Ioanna Papadopoulou from IASIS and  Beatrice from IFRTS presented the Interhealth Project (objectives, direct target group, beneficiaries,results and impact)and  the structure and the objectives of Interhealth training course.

Maria Elena Tosti presented the first guidelines “ I controlli alla frontiera, la frontiera dei controlli” produced by ISS of migration policies. All those activities are inside the italian programme for migrants health guidelines, the aim of the program is to offer to decision-makers, reception centers administrators and to social and health workers evidence-based recommendations.

Michela Diodato presented the main priorities  approaches of the OIS training Course “Health and



Theodoula Adamakidou  from TEI ATHENS presented the 4 modules, giving examples of the training activity through a case study.

Together with the mutual learning objective, the workshop was organized to enable networking and draft future international cooperation among the participants.