FVA Team at Circular Bio-Based Europe Joint Undertaking Stakeholder forum!

Such an amazing experience for the FVA Team at the Circular Bio-based Europe Joint Undertaking (CBE JU) Stakeholder forum in Brussels!

With the projects  BIObec , BioGov.net and GenB, and the support of EuBioNet, we organised the workshop “Developing skills in the bio-based industries: future bioeconomy education pathways”, engaging stakeholders in an interactive and inspiring debate on future job profiles in the bioeconomy, the necessary and missing skills and the success stories and formats for designing educational pathways that address these needs.
Both Giovanna Rizzetto (CBE JU) and Nelo Emerencia (BIC) provided amazing opening and closing remarks, highlighting the importance of such events to gather the main projects and initiatives in bioeconomy education, exchange knowledge, build collaborations and exploit successful formats and tools already available.

The main takeaways from the workshop were then presented by Davide Viaggi (BIObec coordinator and GenB Advisory Board member) in the plenary session in front of an amazing and interested audience!

With the Glaukos project, we took part to the CBE JU Stakeholder forum exhibition, showcasing to the most relevant stakeholders in the bio-based industries Glaukos bio-yarn for the fishing gear  and clothing sectors.

Glaukos also showcased the multidimensional model designed after many stakeholder engagement activities carried out by the project. In the interactive panel stakeholders from Policy, Business, Research and Civil Society were encouraged to vote what are the most relevant challenges to be addressed to unlock the potential of bio-based and biodegradable plastics… many inputs gathered and a successful format to engage the audience on such relevant topics!

Such a great business trip: see you soon, Brussels!