FVA great success at European Researchers’ Night and Maker Faire 2023!

European Researchers’ night and Maker Faire 2023 were such a blast and a great success!

FVA team organised and conducted several activities in the context of European Researchers’ Night in Frascati and of Maker Faire in Rome,  to raise awareness about sustainability, bioeconomy, ocean and waters protection, as part of the EU-funded projects BlueMissionMed, GenB and SUSTRACK . In 5 days of activities, we reached more than 2500 kids, youngsters and adults.

We engaged participants with quizzes on sustainability, bio-based products and gadgets and an emotional wall on sea and waters: the BlueMissionMed totem was very appreciated and many kids attached and left their messages, drawings or marine creatures created from recycled and recovered plastic (thanks to an hands-on “Fish Lab”) about the blue world, while learning the importance of responding to EU Mission Ocean objectives, through many educational cards!

We also organised the first TEDx pitch of our GenB Ambassadors! Aged from 7 to 19, our kids read a fairytale on the adventurous apple Melania and explained to the public what is the bioeconomy, delivering a speech with practical examples of bio-based products.

Another successful format that we implemented in our stand “PlanetART” at Maker Faire was the escape game “Escape4Future,” which was co-designed by the FVA New Media Research team with chemists from I.T.T. Montani in Fermo, as part of the GenB living lab.
The experience was exciting first of all for us who participated in the conception and co-creation phases of the format, and secondly, it was really exciting to see the reactions of the audience and players. They had to solve several puzzles and enigmas to get “keys” and clues that would allow them to move forward in the game and fulfill their hard mission: free our Planet, trapped in a linear model of life and consumption, to move to a more sustainable and circular style!

See below some pictures of the events!