DANDELION, Health and Migration @the Senate

Monday September 18, at Palazzo Madama, the DANDELION project was invited by the OIS (International Health Observatory) at the press conference presenting the Project “Sanità di Frontiera. Health and Migration: Cure and Care”. With the support of the Senator Antonio De Poli and the Minister of Health Beatrice Lorenzin.






The project, developed by the OIS and submitted to the Ministry of Health in the presence of the major medical representations, aims to study a global healthcare methodology, the first concrete result of which will be the activation of ECM training courses for all doctors, Italians and foreigners, under the guidance of experts and cultural mediators, to meet the challenges of our society.

The purpose of the project is to improve the psycho and physical well-being of migrants in our country, with particular attention to women and children, promoting the development, diffusion and exchange of models in our country.


Watch the video at the following link: