Bio Art Gallery: Connecting Art and Bioeconomy

The Bio Art Gallery, is an innovative way of presenting the raw materials and the related fields of application.

The BIOWAYS and BIOVOICES projects, funded by the European Commission and BBI JU, produced a stunning Bio Art Gallery with 60 artistic pictures representing the most promising feedstock and the related applications in everyday life.

The Bio Art Gallery offers a new way to present bio-based products and applications to the public through several examples: cosmetics, nutraceutics, tissues, toys and sport, disposable tableware, cleaning products and gadgets.

The exhibition has been proposed in several ways and with different graphics depending on the context in which the Bio Art Gallery was exhibited.

With great success the Bio Art Gallery was presented for the first times at FestivalFuturo di Altroconsumo in Milan, at the European Researchers’ Night in Rome and at the Maker Faire Rome 2018.

The Bio Art Gallery at Altroconsumo FestivalFuturo, Milano, 28-30 September 2018

The Bio Art Gallery at Maker Faire, Rome, 12-14 October 2018

The Bio Art Gallery at European Researchers’ Night, Rome, 28-29 September 2018