BIOECONOMY VILLAGE @Maker Faire Rome 2017 – a great success!

1,2,3 December 2017 – Promoted by the BBI JU project BIOWAYS  in collaboration with Maker Faire Rome  and the European project STAR- ProBio, the BIOECONOMY VILLAGE has achieved great success in terms of public involvement and participation.

The initiative aimed to raise awareness improving knowledge of bio-based products, and promoting the benefits of the Bioeconomy. Through the exhibition of products, examples, curiosities, thematic workshops and practical demonstrations, the visitors to the BIOECONOMY VILLAGE have been shown and explained, in a clear and involving way, how the bioeconomy is increasingly part of our daily life.

In the 9 thematic areas there were 43 (*) national and European projects, research centers, organizations and associations.

The presence of 90 researchers in total, 35 of which were always present and available at the exhibition area, made the bioeconomy and its applications easily understandable to the general public.

15,000 informative speeches and demos took place!

The Bioeconomy Village hosted:

*14 Projects BIOWAYS, STAR-ProBio, ISAAC, Karma2020, BiOPEN, Demeter, First2run, Leguval, Biobottle, CYAO, FOOD CROSSING DISTRICT, Dendromass4Europe and ValoriBio

8 Research Centers University of Bologna, CNR, ‘La Sapienza’ University of Rome, Unitelma Sapienza, University of Tor Vergata, University of Turin (Mat4Treat), ENEA and University of Modena and Reggio Emilia.

16 Companies and Startup Eni, NOVAMONT, Minimo Impatto, Algaria, MOGU, BioInnoTech, CHIMAR, AlgaRes, SINGTEX® INDUSTRIAL CO, ROELMI HPC, Wile Alpacafarm, Okka, Turbliss, Crickè and Funghi Espresso

5 Associations Chimica Verde Bionet, 06scienza, Frascati Scienza, Federcanapa,South Hemp, Tecno and Azzero CO2

The exhibition area was also visited by the General Secretary of the CGIL, Susanna Camusso.


The great success would not have been possible without the precious collaboration and the decisive support of the numerous partners and guests !!! THANK YOU!!!!