60 seconds science promotion – Can you valorise your research results in one minute?

We start to see interesting ways to diffuse science. Some Universities are organizing contests asking their PHD students to describe their research in a short video.

Ivideo60sec’ve meet the winners of the “Impact in Sixty Seconds competition” organized by the Glasgow University, in the context of the ACCOMPLISSH project conference in Rome. Alex Binks, with his video “You are terminated! Reprogramming viruses to kill cancer cells” used candies, wires and tools to explain his important research.

“The main challenge was to synthesize in such a short time the results or years of work and to find a simple and understandable language. I used the Lego in a creative way to visualize the concepts!” added Steven Forrest, winner of the Sustainable Society Impact Award at University of Groningen with his video on flood resilience.


But how to face the challenge of squeezing a four year research in short videos, without losing the scientific relevance? This is one of the questions the DANDELION project is investigating: One of the aims of the project is co-creating with a large community of stakeholders innovative solutions to increase the impact and valorisation of EC co-funded research.

One interesting idea is to fragment the research is small “seeds of knowledge”, identify the target audiences (citizens, other researchers, business community, policy makers) that can potentially be interested and benefit of that research and use the appropriate channels to reach them. To reach an impact, the “seeds of knowledge” should be packaged differently depending of the recipients.

Susanna Albertini – FVA New Media Research