12th June, 2018 | ISAAC Final Conference

On tuesday, June 12, will be held at the CNR venue in Rome, the final conference of the ISAAC project, with interesting insights on the topics of biogas and biomethane.

ISAAC – Increasing Social Awareness and ACceptance of biogas and biomethane, is a project financed by Horizon 2020 Programme, whose main aim is to remove non-technical barriers, such as lack of public acceptance and coordination for the biogas facilities diffusion, normative and legislative inadequacies, in order to support biogas/biomethane market penetration in Italy and make plants implementation easier within the national context.

The results achieved will be presented during the conference by the project partners: AzzeroCO2 as coordinator, Legambiente, the CNR with two institutes (Institute on Atmospheric Pollution and Institute on Sustainable Economic Growth), Chimica Verde Bionet and the Italian Biogas Consortium.

An all-Italian partnership for a problem linked to the national context: the difficulties of social acceptance of biogas, in fact, are not reflected in other European communities, where plants are favorably viewed by local populations, considering the low environmental impact and economic return for the reference territory.

FVA new media research, during the round table focused on the impact that European projects have on the bioeconomy, will present the BIOWAYS and BIOVOICES projects and will present The European Bioeconomy Network (EuBioNet), a new proactive alliance of EU funded projects dealing with Bioeconomy promotion , communication and support.


To participate, send an email with the subject “ISAAC Final Conference” to:


Find the agenda HERE   and the press release (in italian) HERE