Serious Games to Teach Nutrition Education to Children Between 9 to 12 Years Old. Pickit! and Cookit!

The current trend of increase in children obesity is worrying governments around the world and urgent actions are requested. The promotion of Nutrition Education in early stages has shown to be a factor to prevent the gain of weight in children. A tool that is gaining popularity in teaching contents to children are the Serious Games. The objective of this paper is to describe two Serious Games, Pickit! and Cookit! that has as objective to teach Nutrition Education to children between 9 to 12 years old. These games form part of the Modifying Eating and Attitudes through Learning platform, a pedagogical tool created for nutritionists and primary school teachers to transfer nutritional knowledge to children. These games contain relevant elements in the design of Serious Games as are avatars, levels and a system of points. It is expected that trough these games the children will increase their nutritional education knowledge.

A publication about two serious games designed and developed in the context of the MEAL project.

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