RISE CONFERENCE 2018 Responsible Innovation in Sustainable Ecosystems ​


Responsible Research and Innovation in Industrial Innovation Ecosystems: Perspectives in Industry 4.0

Science Centre AHHAA in Tartu, Estonia, 17-19 September 2018

The reference domain of the call is the Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) actions in the industrial application of sustainable research and innovation.The conference will explore the dynamic behaviour within industrial-research-educational-funding ecosystems in the Industry 4.0 scenario.

From a holistic point of view, a real innovation ecosystem can be identified by economic and social boundaries; the actors operating therein are universities, research centres, firms, markets, industrial clusters whichare embedded in regional and national innovation systems. The objective is to explore the ways in which the application of RRI pillars (public engagement, governance, science education, ethics, open access, gender, as well as sustainability, inclusion and social justice) influence the performance of these industrial and innovation ecosystems and their survival in the long term given economic and research boundaries.

Defining the innovation processwithin such ecosystems from its ideation to application, we shall consider not only the nested interactions amongst stakeholders  within (and with) their environment, but also the interactions between them, evolutionary forces and behavioural changes of individual actors/stakeholders. These react to and prompt structural reconfiguration from endogenous, environmental and social factors.

This consideration introduces an important aspect to our objectives: methods and procedural aspects of RRI. They may include anticipation, reflection, inclusion, participation and responsiveness. These may be used to explain and study interactions amongst different concurrent industrial-research-business oriented policies by introducing innovative elements related to social, ethical and global awareness domains.


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