Piloting Public Procurement of Innovation

Pronto project will design and implement a series of pilot public procurement for innovation (PPI) actions in the area of health or clean energy and environment. The public buyers of and linked to the PRONTO consortium will be trained and consequently procure the identified innovative solution(s), in a joint manner, in full compliance with EU and national public procurement rules, while leveraging on synergies with other relevant research and innovation projects funded by the EU (via Horizon 2020, COSME or EU funding programmes).

The specific objectives of the project are to:

  • Encourage cooperation between public buyers to promote the use of public procurement to contribute to the development of innovation.
  • Use public procurement as a mechanism to pilot innovation in areas of clean energy or healthcare.
  • Link and establish synergies with research and innovation projects funded by the EU (via Horizon 2020, COSME or EU funding programmes) whenever possible.

The operational objectives of the project are to:

  1. Assess public buyers’ needs by:
    1. Conducting background analysis
    2. Setting up public buyers advisory procedures for definition of their actual procurement needs
    3. Carrying out public consultations and public dialogue
    4. Defining innovative products or services that meet the procurers’ needs and developing the toolkit
  2. Perform engagement and capacity building activities by:
    1. Set up and further developing existing networks
    2. Conducting trainings for public procurers
    3. Organizing staff exchanges and secondment of personnel between public procurers
    4. Implementing active brokering and producing recommendations and advice
  3. Preparing and implementing PPI by:
    1. Producing tender specifications
    2. Campaigning and publishing joint calls for PPI
    3. Facilitating the evaluation, contracting and implementation of PPI
    4. Monitoring, validating and evaluating the PPI
  4. Communicating and disseminating relevant information to different target groups.