Outcomes of the Mutual Learning workshop to maximize opportunities: Migration: turning challenges into opportunities

We are pleased to present the outcomes and the reccomandations, stemming from the Mutual Learning Workshop “Migration: turning challenges into opportunities”, based on the challenges, to turn the migration challenges into an opportunity for social, economical and inclusive sustainable growth.

The event “Migration: turning challenges into opportunities” the Mutual Learning workshop, hosted by the European Commission Representation in Italy at Spazio Europa (Rome) on the 13th of March 2018, was promoted by the Dandelion and InterHealth Projects, funded by the European Commission, in collaboration with The Node and OIS, under the patronage of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation.

The purpose of the event was to share ideas, experiences and solutions stimulating the discussion and mutual learn.  30 speakers, including researchers, practitioners, policy makers, NGOs, media, third countries nationals and business representatives, shared their insights, engaging the participants in a stimulating and productive debate aiming to provide recommendations for policy initiatives and best practices at both European and national level.

Please find the outcomes and the recommendations stemming from the panels HERE.



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