Bioplastic, the sustainable alternative to the traditional fossil based plastic.

The BIOWAYS project is carrying out a series of videos called  60” Science.
In each video an expert/researcher  will explain a bio-based product or the results of his research.


Fedra Francocci from CNR, The National Research Council, presents bioplastic made from bioresources and renewable material.

CNR is the largest public research institution in Italy, the only one under the Research Ministry performing multidisciplinary activities.

CNR researchers are studying how to valorize residues and waste to produce bioplastic.


CNR in collaboration with Leguval: How to valorize bioproducts from legumes?

LEGUVAL Project deals with the valorisation of the tons of legumes by-product produced annually in Europe, normally discarded with costly disposal and generating a significant environment impact. The aim is the reduction of environmental pollutionand the fossil fuel dependence, the production of new bio-plastics with improved properties and the increase in competitiveness of the agricultural sectors and the users of the new materials. After the extraction process, legume proteins are used for the production of coatings in  packaging, plastics compounds for injected packaging and pots applications.



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