ICESP first annual conference: the Italian way to circular economy

On the 3rd December took place the first annual conference of the Italian Circular Economy Stakeholder Platform (ICESP), entitled The Italian Way to Circular Economy. The event was organized by ENEA, platform coordinator and manager, in cooperation with the Senate of Italian Republic.The ICESP platform was launched in May 2018 to translate at national level the ECESP community initiative, initiated by the European Commission and the EU Economic and Social Committee. Today the Italian platform is configured as a “network of networks”, formed with the aim of creating a point of national convergence on initiatives, experiences, critical issues and prospects of the circular economy.

The event organizat at the Sala Koch in Palazzo Madama was opened by M5s Senator and Environment Committee member Patty L’Abbate (promoter of the event) in the presence of the undersecretary of the Ministry of the Environment, Salvatore Micillo, and the President of the Environment Commission at the Senate , Vilma Moronese.

During the event, the platform functions were presented and participants were informed on how to operate within the platform.
A total of 60 stakeholders (representing civil society, companies, institutions and research) collaborate and propose solutions to cross-sectoral and specific challenges based on their experiences.

FVA representing the projects BIOVOICES and Biobridges participated to the event.