BIOWAYS and BIOVOICES at FestivalFuturo Altroconsumo | Unicredit Pavilion 28/29/30 September

Milan 28th, 29th and 30th September – Three days of events, debates and interactive courses to understand the potential of circular economy and sustainability. The 2018 edition of FestivalFuturo, organised by Altroconsumo had as its main topic circular economy.

The themes were tackled following five paths: smart agrifood, energy & environment, home, mobility & transport, and products. From energy efficiency to how to optimize waste in the kitchen, from the potential of technologies that help to give new life to waste, to new cultivation techniques to optimize production processes.

Altroconsumoย wanted to stimulate synergies and increase consumer awareness by creating scenarios of value in the future already here, with spaces for comparison, keynotes, interviews, experiential path, thematic workshops and a call for startups.

Bioeconomy offers a more sustainable alternative to oil-based products, using renewable resources, with particular attention to those that until now have been considered waste.

In the Pavilion balcony the BIOWAYS and BIOVOICES projects organised, in collaboration with the FestivalFuturoย organisers, a stunning Art Gallery with 60 artistic pictures representing the most promising feedstock and the related applications in everyday life.


An exhibition of Bio-based products, was organised in collaboration with CNR, to showcase what bioeconomy is through several tangible examples of cosmetics, nutraceutics, tissues, disposable tableware, cleaning products and gadgets.