Create new value chains in 5 steps: The Bridge2Value methodology

Bridge2value is an innovative format, designed and validated by FVA in the context of the Biobridges project to create cross interconnections between quadruple helix stakeholders towards the creation of a new value chain.

The main challenge of the Bridge2Value format is to create fresh opportunities in sectors underexploited that could be valorised thanks to the creation of new circular bioeconomy value chains.
Bridge2Value is a flexible format that can be tailored according to the need of each value chain supported.

The methodology follows 5 steps than have been designed to enable a modular approach, also supporting the scale-up from national to European level.

Engage: Build up a working group involving key stakeholders in the value chain; Make sure to involve all the relevant stakeholders from different categories, including those from the primary sector.

Inspire: Facilitate the exchange of good practices and the identification of challengers through inspirational case studies

Co-create: Support the co-creation of solutions responding to the specific challenges identified by and relevant for all the stakeholders

Actionate: Mobilise additional stakeholders to jointly address the challenges; Transform the results into guidelines and recommendations; Define a shared action plan for the creation of the value chain

Scale: To scale from a national to an European level it is needed to:

• Identify the challenges that are common and relevant at national and European level (through surveys, interviews, focus groups, etc.)
• Identify transferable good practice from the national case studies
• Use the Bridge2Value methodology implementing the steps described above with European stakeholders.

This methodology was validated during 2 events, organized by Biobridges in April (Country Level – Italy) and October (European Level), and has been considered effective for the creation of cross sector interconnections by the stakeholders. The participants also declared that the Bridge2Value played a catalytic role in initiating collaborations towards the creation of the value chain.

Bridge2Value promotes an inclusive approach, involving the stakeholders that are often excluded from this type of activities, like the primary sector.

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