BIOVOICES, Biobridges and EuBioNet at the10th Bioeconomy Stakeholders Panel in Brussel

On the 29 November 2018 took place the 10th Bioeconomy Stakeholder Panel in Brussel.

Set by the EU’s Bioeconomy Strategy, the Panel aims to support interactions between different policy areas, sectors and stakeholders in the bioeconomy – leading to tangible actions.

Because the bioeconomy is made up of many different sectors, it is difficult for one single expert or organisation to have a complete overview. The Bioeconomy Stakeholders Panel meets that challenge by bringing together, in one group, people with different stakeholder perspectives.

BIOVOICES project, Biobridges project and the European Bieconomy Network were presentend to the 10th Bioeconomy Stakeholders Panel by Chiara Pocaterra (APRE) and Susanna Albertini (FVA).

During the afternoon session, two paralle workshops addressing future actions of the panel in education and regional development.