Bioeconomy and sustainability: the Italian strategy. What tools and opportunities?

01/03/2018 –  The Chamber of Commerce of Milan-MonzaBrianza-Lodi and AssoBiotec are organizing the Bioeconomy Conference.

Through its own Strategy on BIOECONOMY, officially adopted in 2017 as a result of the joint effort to broad government representativeness and national actors including Technological Clusters as SPRING and AgriFood, Italy promotes its own original model and aims, by 2030, to increase the value of production by 20% and employment in the sector by 15%. The key concepts are those of territorial regeneration declined in an integrated biorefinery and economy systems that ranges from areas such as waste management, energy efficiency, efficient use of resources to green chemistry and agri-food chains

The workshop will consist in describing the innovative scope of this strategy in order to identify funding opportunities for innovative and circular bioeconomy projects.




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