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Do bio-based products live up to their claims?

It is now possible to buy bio-based versions of most types of household cleaning products. Consumers expect a lot from these cleaners, but are these as good as they promise to be?

The BioCannDo project has investigated the matter with a consumer focus group, held in Germany, where consumer expressed their preferences about household cleaning products, their expectations towards bio-based products and their trust in certification labels.

Findings are presented in the “Bio-based household cleaning products” slideshow, a combination of texts, images, videos and links to external resources based.

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Bio-based cleaners aren’t the only products consumers query though: when it comes to bio-based products, one would also like to know what kind of bio-based products are available already, which properties do they have… and most importantly, do they work?

A series of video clips produced by AllThings.Bio answers most common questions about bio-based cleaning products, coffee mugs, T-shirts and lipsticks.

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