Research interests

FVA main research interest is HCI and Interface Design, focusing on the combination of the latest technological innovation with the user needs and expectations, to design usable and effective interfaces for different applications and domains.

FVA also designs solutions to support the technology enhanced learning experience, like system and platforms for knowledge management, web2.0 communities and workshop supporting tools.

Another field of interest is the future applications of 3D immersive technologies, mainly in e-learning, e-health, security, tourism and cultural domains.

FVA is interested in virtual reconstruction of sites, 3D environments and character animation.

FVA is specialized in promotional materials to be used from the consortium to disseminate the research results, like project logo, coordinate layout, project templates, leaflets, promotional video, project web site, project administration on-line application, etc.

In addition, the humanistic background of one of the partners will help the firm to deeply understand the theoretical and methodological issues, giving the chance to FVA to play the role of a “bridge” between the theoretical and the technical tasks of the project.