Key persons

LouisFerrini LOUIS FERRINI (Partner/Managing Director)
Louis Ferrini established FVA in 1989 as one of the first multimedia companies in Italy. He gets the degree in graphic design and advertising in IED, Rome Italy. Then he completes a master of computer graphic at IED, Rome, Italy. Before starting his own business, he worked for several advertising and graphic companies in Italy and US.
Actually he is ICT project manager (software architecture, 3D modeling and animation and new-tech solutions).
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FVA partner since 1995, she has integrated her specialization in Psychology of work and business organization with multimedia and new technology communication. Before approaching multimedia, she had experience on TV advertising and cinema production as assistant director and executive producer assistant as well as graphic designer for advertising companies in Milan, Italy.
For FVA she is project leader for HCI (human computer interaction), GUI design, contents and media production.
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