BIOECONOMY Village @Maker Faire Rome 2018

News 2018: The Circular Eni pavilion on circular economy, bioeconomy and sustainability

This year Maker Faire Rome 2018 will dedicate an exhibition pavilion (number 6) to sustainability, circular economy and bioeconomy. These topics were already present at Maker Faire Rome 2017, in a dedicated exhibition space: the BIOECONOMY Village promoted by the BIOWAYS and STAR-ProBio Projects funded by the European Commission and BBI JU.

The pavilion, through the exhibition of products, examples, thematic workshops and practical demonstrations, shows to the visitors in a clear and engaging way how the circular economy and the bioeconomy increasingly make part in our daily life and how the choices consumer awareness can have a positive impact on the environment, society and economy.

The pavilion aims to raise awareness and inform the general public, improve knowledge on products of renewable origin (Bio-based) and promote the applications and benefits of Bioeconomy, circular economy and sustainability, encouraging dialogue, comparison and sharing between the general public and representatives of universities, research centers, projects, companies, associations and start-ups. It also wants to strengthen the discussion among the subjects that make sustainable development and bioeconomy a concrete commitment, consolidating existing collaborations and involving new actors in the realization of the initiative.

Also this year the BIOECONOMY Village, promoted by the BIOWAYS, STAR-ProBio, BIOVOICES and BIOBRIDGES Projects funded by the European Commission and BBI JU, is present at Maker Faire, in the Circular Eni pavilion and involves 47 national and European projects, research, start-ups, organizations and associations:

06 scienza; Agrimax project; ApuliaKundi; Assobioplastiche; BioCannDo project; BIOWAYS project; BIOBRIDGES project; BIOVOICES project; BIOENERGY; Chimica Verde Bionet; CISA; CNR; Confindustria Bari e BAT; Curioctopus; DimLab; Enea; ETa Blades; Frascati Scienza; G.Eco; Giornalisti nell’Erba; Green Evolution; iGreen Gadgets; ISIA Rome Design; Legambiente; Ludis; Ma.Re. project; Mercato Circolare; Minimo Impatto; Naturins; Novamont; Pin Bike; Portatelovunque; PRESPAGLIA ITALIA SRLS; Mermaids Project; RESTART; Rifò; RoadToBio project; Roelmi HPC; ScienzImpresa; Singtex; Synbra Technology; Spireat; Socrate; South Hemp Tecno; STAR ProBIO project; University of Bari; University of Bologna; Sapienza University of Rome;

During the three days of the fair, Maker Faire Rome and Eni (Main Sponsor of the Event) will organize three round tables on the theme of the circular economy and the bioeconomy.

Saturday, October 13 from 12.00 to 13.50 Susanna Albertini (FVA) on behalf of the BIOVOICES and BIOWAYS projects will speak at the round table THE BIOECONOMY AND THE ADVENT OF THE NEOMATERIALS moderated by Mauro Spagnolo.

The round table will address the following topics: How the life of citizens is changing through the adoption of new economic models based on the sustainable use of natural resources and their transformation into services and goods produced so far from fossil sources? Will the bioeconomy really have the capacity to radically replace traditional economic systems and with which performance limitations for Italian families? What impact will the development of biotechnology and bioenergy have on our social system?
To this, and to many other questions, will answer the major national experts in the sector trying to analyze how the development of secondary raw materials will open new markets, what are the environmental and economic potentials of the sector and what factors restrain its rapid potential development.

We are waiting for you with the BIOECONOMY Village on 12, 13 and 14 October at the new Fiera di Roma, Hall 6 Stand H2!